WorkflowMax2 November (and August) Update

Less admin, more freedom.
Less admin, more freedom.
WorkflowMax2 November (and August) Update

WorkflowMax2 November 2023 Update

I recently joined the  November 2023 webinar for WorkflowMax2 implementation partners. 

Customer Webinars are now open for booking - 29th and 30th November 2023.

There is also a webpage with links to a Migration Video, Webinars and a PDF download of the Migration process. 

Blue Rock again were keen to confirm that development is on track for the original projected release date of 1 February 2024.  Some nice enhancements were shown in the working demo (probably a little less dramatic than what I was expecting)  as well as just a couple of feature developments.   Here's a brief summary of some of them:

  • Upgraded dashboard with useful stuff like live profitability.
  • New functionality of ability to allocate Teams to Jobs and Templates
  • Clarity on who your advisor is in and improved partner portal
  • Ability to add account codes even if not connected to Xero
  • Ability to add multiple Tax Rates
  • Contacts able to be assigned to multiple clients.
  • Custom fields are linked between data tables.  
  • Ability to add attachments to Quotes and Invoices.
  • Ability to make up nicer signatures on emails.
  • Ability to customise and filter Job views.
  • Ability to show custom field in Job views.
  • Better WIP reporting including fixing the current WIP bug which leads to inaccurate reporting in some circumstances. 
  • Increased flexibility with  filtering and editing in the report manager.
  • More intuitive layout with side panel reconfigured to tabs, increasing usable screen width.

There were more, but that's what stood out to me.   Once the webinar has been posted, I'll add it here. 


WorkflowMax2 August 2023 Update

I recently watched the August 2023 webinar for WorkflowMax2 implementation partners. 

Here is the link to the Customer version of the August webinar.

I am so pleased to confirm that development is on track.  Not only that, there are some really nice enhancements in the working demo, as well as some really valuable feature developments underway.   Here's a brief summary of some of them:

  • The Migration Tool will bring over everything from your current WorkflowMax file - including documents.  After the migration you will have access to new bulk editing tools to make tidying up easier - for example, bulk deleting costs. So  if you don't get time to tidy up your file before the migration, this should not be an issue. 
  • Increased functionality in reporting is being developed as part of the initial new release.  This is expected to mean less restrictions on reporting within pre-defined data sets.   It does also mean that all custom reports will need to be rebuilt.  
  • Ability to edit invoices without having to go back to source data in costs and tasks.
  • Calendar is an area many  users have not enjoyed using.  This is being significantly improved as part of the first release with much better visibility of what's going on and when. 
  • Better Staff Allocation and Resource Planning is being developed as high priority.  The new Staff Allocation includes being able to drag and drop staff to allocate to tasks, and tracking the resulting capacity.    As you can imagine there is a fair bit of work in this development so it may not be ready on the first release but is currently tracking for between Feb and June 2024. 
  • Job Manager will have a new Dynamic Search and enhanced functionality on the main dashboard view - we can all appreciate that!  Less clicks and less needing to go into different screens to get things done.
  • Job Manager will also have bulk actions available from the main dashboard view, rather than needing to go to the current left hand side panel.  The left side panel will be gone, freeing up the dashboard for stronger functionality.
  • The Job Manager Dashboard will have a few nice enhancements like colour coding, and quick filtering.
  • WorkflowMax2 will support multiple tax rates, integrating with Xero tax rates.
  • Multiple currencies will be supported. 
  •  Staff "Roles" with set permissions will be set up that can be applied to multiple users. This will need review on migration.
  • Custom fields will be able to selected as either optional or mandatory.
  • A Contact will be able to be applied to multiple Clients. 
  • The new Client Dashboard overview will show more information, including outstanding invoices, WIP, and be quicker to navigate around.  
  • The Lead Manager is enhanced with better visibility on key KPIs.
  • The Quote Manager now includes the ability to mark each Task or Cost as Optional or not, rather than having Options as a separate function which only supports costs.
  • Folder functionality has been made so much easier to use an navigate including more flexibility on naming and printing folder properties.  Folders are called Phases.
  • More powerful bulk actions are being introduced to make it easy to clean up your files after transitioning.

There is a major view going on for the Job Overview dashboard with 3 variations in development.  Something to look forward to!

Living Business Migration Support

Living Business has been a WorkflowMax Implementation Partner since 2015.   

All current users of WorkflowMax with Living Business as their WorkflowMax partner will receive complimentary migration support.    

Ongoing complimentary light support will continue with WorkflowMax2  for all Living Business WorkflowMax partner clients.