Your WorkflowMax by Blue Rock File

Less admin, more freedom.
Less admin, more freedom.
Your WorkflowMax by Blue Rock File

These are the common questions my clients are asking me about how to get started with a WorkflowMax by BlueRock file. 

How do I invite a WorkflowMax Advisor into a new file?

Once the WorkflowMy by BlueRock Partner Migration portal is completed, inviting in a partner will be as simple as going to Staff Settings and using the New Advisor button.    Inviting an Advisor will automatically grant your advisor access into the file, without adding to your number of users.  If your lead advisor (haven't see how to distinguish that yet) is a partner with BlueRock they will receive a trailing commission, at no additional cost to you.

Living Business are WorkflowMax by BlueRock Foundational Implementation Partners.  We provide a light level of complimentary support in exchange for being listed as a Lead Advisor.  There is no additional cost and billing remains direct with BlueRock.

There are two ways to select an Advisor Partner.  Firstly, there is an optional search box during signup.  Simply search for Living Business at this time.   Otherwise, once you are in the new file, go to Staff, within Settings.  Select the Advisor Tab and add a new advisor. 

TEMPORARY WORK AROUND:  At the moment the partner portal is still not complete (19 March).  This means as well as selecting the partner advisor, you still need to invite the registered advisor email into WorkflowMax as a normal staff member - with Administration Privileges.   If the email is registered with BlueRock, the advisor will not count as a user for billing purposes. For Living Business this is simply myself at helen(at)

Where has the Data Migration button gone? 

BlueRock has temporarily removed the option for clients to self migrate their own data from WorkflowMax by Xero.  They are needing to take more control over the process while fixes are completed.  You can still queue for a migration and this will ensure BlueRock receives a complete line by line report if there are any errors during the migration. 

WorkflowMax by Blue Rock partners (including Living Business) have been given a URL we can use to initiate a migration ourselves. 

Is is a good idea to migrate now (in March 2024)?

BlueRock has made it clear it's going to take at least until early April until most of the migration issues that have come out of the woodwork, are resolved. 

However, running a data migration can still be useful even if it's not possible to validate whether the data migration was 100% successful or not.    Having your own data as of a set point in time, makes it easier to test the functionality and become familiar with the enhanced layout, and navigation. 

If you are a business that is heavily reliant on one of the features only scheduled for release closer to the end of the migration period, it might be worth waiting a bit.  But BlueRock is encouraging all businesses to run a trial migration in any case - any time from early to mid April. 

What's happening with the trial period?

You may have noticed that the trial period has changed.  Blue Rock is aware the delays are longer than expected and they are open to being flexible about trial periods.  You can request an extension to your trial period using the blue help tab on the right within the app, or through your Partner Advisor.

What's happening with the 50% for 3 months special offer?

The special offer has been extended to 1 May 2024.  This means the special offer is automatically available to businesses upgrading from their trial version by 1 May 2024.