Why Us

Less admin, more freedom.
Less admin, more freedom.

Living Business has specialist expertise in Xero bookkeeping, payroll, job management and inventory software to help business owners like you get the most out of your business systems and software.

    Specialist expertise in Xero, job management and inventory software.
    Independent, professional bookkeeping and payroll services.
    We collaborate with your accountants to get the best outcome for you.
    Our advice is impartial.

We help you streamline the way you get things done in your business.


Our Principles

We enjoy our work

  • We believe we should enjoy our work, and our clients should enjoy working with us. 
  • Our team each have different specialities and strengths as well as limits on availability and how we like to work, so to maximise happiness all our clients are individually matched with their Living Business team member.
  • We only work with clients who we like and get along with.  Life’s too short to do otherwise!
  • We encourage and trust individual working relationships to strengthen between our team and our clients. 

We support each other 

  • We believe our whole lives are important and what is remembered, not just work.  
  • We are flexible and accommodate working arrangements for work life balance.  Some of us like regular work times around family and are not available outside these days and times, others of us are happy to be available on a more ad hoc basis including sometimes afterhours.  
  • Sometimes events happen in life that are more important than work.  It’s in those times we can show who we really are by being supportive and doing what we can to help.  As a team that can mean backing each other up to temporarily help with workload, and for Helen it means being willing to do whatever possible through challenging times – both for the Living Business team and for our clients. 

We do what's right

  • We believe in doing what’s right, even when it may not make business sense for ourselves.
  • We will bring to our clients’ attention any opportunities we see to improve process and reduce the cost of our own service. 
  • We know our limits and will re-direct clients if we know a better match is likely elsewhere.  Helen has a strong referral network built up in related industries which she is happy to use.  Most often this is in the areas of HR, other Xero Apps we don’t specialise in, and Website and Web development.
  • We take responsibility for our mistakes. We cannot guarantee mistakes will not be made – we are all human - but we can guarantee we will fully take responsibility for any mistakes we do make.  Sometimes mistakes cannot be undone, but we can work co-operatively with our clients to minimise and mitigate any impacts.

We contribute

Every year we  contribute to charity – in Dec 2023 after receiving a Tree gift from a client (relatabledesign.co.nz) it was 90 trees for Trees That Count.  

Trees that Count

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