Links for Support and Positivity Right Now

Less admin, more freedom.
Less admin, more freedom.
Links for Support and Positivity Right Now

I’ve been contacting my clients to check in and find out how everyone is doing. Yes, there are already some severe impacts as well as some businesses enjoying significant increased business. Here are some NZ links to support I thought could be useful.

If your business is impacted or is going to be impacted don’t hesitate to apply for the government assistance right now. It’s about projected losses as well as actual and the application is easy. Here’s the link to the info, and also the Online Application:

Mental Wellbeing – from starting to talk to our clients, it is becoming clear that mental wellbeing and support is going to be crucial, to keep things in perspective, remember what’s important and help to stay positive through this time. In my view we all need to be ready to accept help and not face this time feeling we are alone. Xero offers free Mental Wellbeing support (virtual / phone / in person) for all business owners using Xero, and their staff. Email xap(at) to access this.

I have some local contacts here in Tauranga who are offering personal support to minimise impact physically, mentally and financially. Ask me for an introduction.

Good news source for a mental boost (helps me at least!) -

Our prime minister Jacinda’s request received yesterday by email:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. If you don’t need to travel overseas, then don’t. 
  3. Wash your hands.
  4. If you’re sick, stay home.
  5. If you sneeze, do it into your elbow.
  6. Wash your hands.
  7. Stop handshakes, hugs, and hongi - I know this is counter to who we are as a nation, but the best thing we can do right now to show love and affection to one another, is to switch to the East Coast wave.
  8. Please be mindful of the older citizens in your life. Check-in on them, but if you’re sick, keep your distance.

The Ministry of Health is providing up to date information and advice on COVID-19, and I encourage people to check out their website for all the latest information and advice. We all have a role to play during this time. Look out for your neighbours, look out for your family. Look out for your friends. I know as a country we will meet this challenge, and meet it together.

Supporting each other

My husband and I are continuing to support local business, and visiting our local cafes and shops, and we are encouraging others not to panic. We are meeting friends and talking and supporting each other. We are following government guidelines and washing hands, not hugging, not shaking hands etc. I honestly believe there will not be a complete shutdown in NZ, as the preventative measures being put in place are so strong. Lots of people are currently over-reacting in my view but I’m hoping reason will start to prevail sooner than later. Also, we need to remember there will be an end to this – there will be more effective treatments (happening already) and development of vaccines.

Here’s to positivity through adversity.