Migration Update from BlueRock

Less admin, more freedom.
Less admin, more freedom.
Migration Update from BlueRock

Update for migration and testing plans

I caught up with Ryan from BlueRock today (14th March 2024). BlueRock is acutely aware of the need to deliver the product on-time and complete despite a number of surprises uncovered during the process so far.  To some extent surprises are expected with any new software development. 

Here are my key take outs:

Clarity of Process

There is still a lot of misunderstanding on the order of process during this time:

  1. Open a Trial file - this will be empty of data and you can add your own data manually and experience the new environment. 
  2. Do a test Data Migration to confirm that all your data from WorkflowMax by Xero comes through without errors.   Staff continue working in the WorkflowMax by Xero file - the only disruption is to be locked out during the actual Data Migrating time (average time 28 mins but allow up to 24 hours).
  3. Plan a Go Live date when comfortable the data migration is successful. This time you will be migrating the data again and permanently locking staff out of WorkflowMax by Xero.  When the data migration is run for the second time, it completely clears out the new file and starts from blank again.  Any set up you have experimented with, or data added will be removed. 
  4. Start working in the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock going forward from the GoLive date.  Run data backups for the old WorkflowMax by Xero and then cancel the subscription. 

Programme Bugs

When BlueRock released WorkflowMax to new clients on 21st Feb, a whole set of new bugs were found that had not been picked up by current partners or users during the beta period.  These are now being attended to with urgency and expected to be largely sorted by early April.  

The widely reported issue of slowness has been addressed with urgency and is much improved already.  Work continued in this area and will continue going forward.  BlueRock is asking that if users are experiencing unacceptably slow response times, that this is reported through a support ticket. 

It is still absolutely fine to open a trial file, which will be empty of data, to experience the enhanced features and better navigation. For many WorkflowMax users with smaller and newer files it is almost certainly Ok to go ahead and plan your migration for earlier than later. 

Migration Errors

So far the average data migration is taking around 30 mins.  It's quick, so allowing 24 hours is pretty much guaranteed to be sufficient.

75% of data migrations are completing successfully as expected.

25% of data migrations are generating errors, mostly in WorkflowMax by Xero files which are very old and have data inconsistencies.  Every time there is a migration which generates errors BlueRock is notified with a line by line report.   Many of these errors are common to a lot of files and are able to be fixed at the BlueRock end - this is also being addressed with urgency and is also expected to be largely complete by early April. 

BlueRock is recommending that all clients moving from WorkflowMax by Xero to WorkflowMax by BlueRock, undertake a trial migration to ensure there are no errors generated.  This is especially important for files with older legacy data. BlueRock is recommending that trial migrations be run from early April when most of the back end fixes will have been completed. 

Where errors are generated, there will be some instances where data will need to be repaired manually by the client either before or after the migration - BlueRock will be able to specifically advise the cause of errors and the remedial action required.  For example, where invalid field characters have been used, these may need to be updated so they can migrate successfully - or manually fixed after migration.

Due to these unanticipated complications, BlueRock has closed off WorkflowMax to new users for the moment, to fully concentrate on migrating current clients from Xero. 

Each individual migration is being monitored and for this reason you will see there is no no Automatic Migration button.  This has been replaced with a Request for Migration button so that BlueRock has tighter control over this process. 

Partners such as myself are still able to initiate migrations.

Migration Scheduling

Feedback overall to BlueRock is indicating that most users will be able to migrate and successfully use the new WorkflowMax without having to wait until very close to the shut off deadline of 26th June - even if it means using a couple of work arounds for a short time.

There is very high capacity to be able to run multiple migrations simultaneously and high confidence that any last minute rush with be manageable in terms of band width capacity. 

Blue Rock are aware they will be under intense pressure in terms of support ticket response times during the migrating period, and are encouraging clients to engage with WorkflowMax partners directly for support.  Of course in an ideal world, unlimited free support would be available directly from BlueRock, but this is just not going to be the reality during the transition period.

Trial Period and Special Offer of 50% off for 3 months

In consideration of the unexpected delays, the trial period will be able to be extended on request by logging a support ticket.  An extension of the deadline for the Special Offer may also be considered on a case by case basis, through request from WorkflowMax partners.

Feature Releases - Mobile Functionality and Universal Search

The feature release schedule will continue to be updated. The reality is that users will need to patient and be prepared to use workarounds for short periods while features are finalised. 

For some users it would be very challenging to operate without features that are only due for release towards the very end of the migration period.  The two I have heard most mentioned are mobile functionality, and the universal search.

To some extent the universal search will be less critical than in WorkflowMax by Xero due to the better filtering and searching available within specific parts of WorkflowMax by BlueRock. 

Originally, BlueRock planned to release mobile functionality through the web app.  This has now pivoted to developing the native app as the first option.  I was very surprised to learn that only around 10% of WorkflowMax users make use of the mobile app which helps me to understand why it has not been as higher priority as I expected. 

Xero Sunsetting Date - 26 June 2024

At this time there is no indication that the sub-setting date for WorkflowMax by Xero will be changed or extended.  I'm planning a holiday for July!!

Partner Portal

The partner portal is still a couple of weeks away from completion.  Until then, if you are choosing Living Business as your WorkflowMax lead advisor in your new file,  you will need to manually invite me in as a staff member for me to see your organisation in my Living Business portal.