How to Update Bank Account Details in Xero

Less admin, more freedom.
Less admin, more freedom.
How to Update Bank Account Details in Xero

It’s easy to change your business bank account details on Xero invoices and other documents. This will likely include adding a new bank account on the dashboard with a new bank feed, as well as updating your Invoicing and possibly Quoting templates.

Initial Setup

How do I add a new bank account in Xero?

Even if you’re not continuing with the old bank account, create a separate new account in Xero rather than editing the old one. Follow these steps:, then scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard and Edit if you want to hide the old account you are no longer using.

How do I change the bank details on Xero invoices?

There are three areas to check to update bank account details on invoices sent from Xero. The way you will use depends on whether you are using Standard Templates or Advanced Templates for your Invoicing. You can find this area under Settings / Invoice Settings.

Firstly, check your Organisation Settings (Settings / Organisation Settings), as the Standard Templates pull in some information from here (but not your bank account number)

How to change bank details on a Standard Xero invoice

If you're using a Standard Template it will look a bit like this:

And if you click top left on the Options button you can edit the various fields in boxes. There is no specific place to update bank account details, but normally they are written in the "Terms & Payment Advice (Invoice and Statement)" box.

How to add new bank details on Advanced Template Invoices

If you have an Advanced Template (they used to be called Custom Templates) it will look a bit like this:

Advanced Templates work on MS Word documents. Samples are pre-loaded which you can download, edit and upload.
If you want to create an Advanced Template click on the arrow on the right of the New Branding Theme button, and select “Custom.docx”.

The advantage of using an Advanced Invoice Template is that you can freely format the document as you would any Word Document including add a box with different coloured text to improve the chances of your customers noticing. Here are Xero’s instructions on the Advanced Templates:

I like to insert a Table, surround it with a nice bold line and write the new bank account number in Red. Here’s an example you can edit and upload yourself or just copy and paste the piece you want:

Changing Your Invoice Email

I also recommend to update the email you send with your invoices – you can edit the Subject Line, as well as the content of the email. I tend to put something like “ATTENTION: NEW BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER” in the subject line. Here are Xero’s instructions:

While you’re at it, check the "reply-to" email that will receive emails when your customers reply from an invoice you have sent them from Xero. This option is in Settings / Email Settings.

Find out more about how to change various details in your Xero invoice using Advanced Invoice Templates in this article or contact us to for help configuring your software and processes. Get in touch with one of our Xero experts.